Dress Code

The responsibility for the appearance of the students of Sage Elementary School for the most part rests with the parents and the students themselves.  The following guidelines are enforced for the health and well being of all students.

1.  Footwear of some kind must be worn.  No flip-flops allowed.

2.  Clothes must be clean, neat, and must meet reasonable standards of health and hygiene.

3.  Extremes are not permitted (swimwear, bare chests, etc.)

4.  Nothing that would damage school property may be worn.

5.  Distracting attire is not permitted.

6.  Appropriate shorts may be worn in September, April, And May--weather permitting (no tank tops, etc.)  Shorts and skirts are to be as long as the tip of the fingers when arms are held to the side of the body.  Appropriate tank tops are permitted-NO spaghetti straps or baggie pants where student underclothing is visible.