Student Rules

Sage students and faculty will conduct themselves in the following manner:


Treat others with respect.

Always be kind, courteous, and helpful

Work together to keep our building and grounds looking beautiful.

Student Rules

1. Food or drink allowed only in approved areas.  Absolutely NO gum allowed at school.

2. Students should keep hands, feet, and body to themselves. (ie: No fighting, pinching, hitting, striking, kicking, tackling, wrestling, etc.)

3. Swearing, cursing, gross language, name calling, threatening and teasing of any form will not be allowed.

4. The throwing of any objects, other than approved playground equipment, is not allowed anywhere on school property.

5. Playground equipment is to be used correctly and safely.

6. Dangerous weapons or objects of any kind, ( ie: blades, guns, knives, slingshots, daggers, etc.) are not allowed on school grounds and will result in suspension from school. (School Policy)

Principal and/or teacher(s) has the right to decide if a student rule has been broken and the necessary action to be taken (refer to the Elko County School District Policy J.D.).

 Pupil Safety Rules

I will not push or touch other pupils in the class line.

I will not run around corners, tables, desks, or through the halls.

I will not accept candy, gum, treats, or rides from people I do not know well.

I will not throw paper, pencils, crayons, books, etc. anywhere on school property.

I will keep my lunch table and floor very clean, as if I were eating in my own house.

I know the safest way to get out of my classroom in case of fire.  I know the rules for preventing fires.

I have heard and follow the rules of Safety and Fire Prevention as explained to me by my teacher.

I will not call other pupils names, tease them, or hide their belongings.

I will not hit other pupils, or swing book bags, belts, or lunch boxes.

I will behave quietly in the bus lines and on the bus, and get on and off the bus without running or pushing.

I will be on my best behavior in the multi purpose room during assemblies, programs, and lunch.

I will not bring any type of object onto school property that could do bodily harm to another student.

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