New York State
Geographic Location

 What are the borders?

The borders are Vermont,Pennsylvania,Canada,
Massachusetts,New Jersey,Connecticut are the borders.

What types of landforms are there?

The landforms are plains,Vally,hills,mountains,lake,     river,coastline,,island are the landforms.

What types of waterformes are there?
The waterformes are Lake Erie,Lake Ontario,Hodsonriver,and the Atlantic Ocean are the waterformes.

What ration is your state located in?
Our state is located in north east.

What is the weather like in your state?
It is sometimes snowing,raining, sunny,cloudy,foggy,cold,hot.New York has all 4 seasons that are winter ,summer,fall,spring.

Places to Visit
 Statue of liberty
It stands for freedom and friendship.
It`s made out of copper.
It was a gift from France.

It`s the second largest city in the New York state.
Buffalo lie`s at the head of the Niagara River.
Center of transportation and industry.

                 Niagara Falls
Most famous Fall because it`s the biggest water fall in the state.
Most important source of hydroelectric power.
It`s about 20 miles(32 kilometers) North of Buffalo.

             Stock Exchange
A market place were broker`s act as agent for public and selling stock`s.
All stock`s Exchange have at least one stock index.
Dow Jones averages are indexes for stock`s traded in the United States.

Sports Teams
New York giants.
The New York giants became a team in 1920.They played in a stadium in New York.They play football.

                     New York Jets.
The New York Jets first played 1970.They became a team in 1970.they played in a stadium.They play football.

NNew York Mets        
TThe New York Mets became a team in 1962.They played in a stadium.They play baseball.                       
gNew York Yannkess.
tThe New York Yannkess became a team in 1913.They played in a stadium.They play baseball.