Geographic Location

What are the borders of New York State? 

New York State is bordered by the states Vermont, Massachusetts, Canada, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey.                 

What types of landforms are found in  New York State?


New York has, plains, valleys,moutains,lake,river,coastline,island are the landforms.

What types of water forms are in New York state?

lake ontario,Hudson river,alantic ocean and Lake Erie those are the water forms in New York state.

What region is New York state located in? It is located in NE (North east).

What is the weather like in New York state?

In New York state the weather is sometimes snowing,raining,cold,foggy,sunny and cloudy we have all 4 seasons.

Places to Visit

Statue of liberty. New York city

1. The Statue of liberty stands for freedom and friendship.

2.The Statue of liberty is made out of copper.         

3The Statue of liberty is a gift from France.           


Buffalo. New York city

1.Second largest city in New York state.

2Lies at t

                 NY Sports Teams

The New York giants  first played in the year 1920.They play in a football field because     

they play football.New york Jets first played in the year 1970 also play in a football of        

there own they play football aswell as the giants.The New York Mets first played in the year 1962 they play in baseball field they play baseball.The New York Yankees first          

played in the year1913 they play aswell in a baseball field like the mets.