About the Rain Forest
The Amazon rainforest is located in South America. It has grasslands, rivers, beaches and wetlands. It has a very warm climate, but humid. There are many animals. There some ocelots, harpy eagles, howler monkeys. The rain forest is a beautiful place.

The ocelot is a mammal. It is a carnivore.  The ocelot eats three to four times a day. It lives ten to twenty years.  Other than man it has no enemies.

Howler Monkey
The howler monkey is a large monkey. It is an omnivore.  The howler monkey eats twice a day. They live ten to twenty years.  Their enemies are harpy eagles and ocelots.
Harpy Eagle
The harpy eagle is a large bird of prey. It is a carnivore. The harpy eagle mates every other year. The female lays one to tow eggs. A harpy eagle can see a penny from 200 yards away.