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Message from Administration

Dear Parents,

An effective discipline program is essential in the teaching/learning process. The staff at Sage Elementary has established an educational environment in which children can comfortably learn at their own level and with maximum satisfaction.  Each student has a right to learn and play at Sage without disruption or antagonism from other students.

The staff is committed to teaching and reinforcing appropriate student behavior.  Courtesy and respect is practiced by all staff members and students.  Students are encouraged to consistently follow school rules of conduct, set a positive example for others, and always be conscious of how their behavior affects others.

We believe the success of a school discipline program is dependent upon your support and shared responsibility.  Please help us ensure the success of our program by periodically reviewing and discussing the importance of the "Student Rules of Conduct" and Lunchroom Rules" outlined in the Student Discipline Folder.  With your cooperation and help, we can provide a positive, productive learning environment for your child.


Mr. Ray Smith, Principal